Sunday, July 26, 2009

39 Ain't So Bad

Today I turned 39. I received the best gift imaginable from my mother-in-law --- a full afternoon of babysitting so that my wife and I could go out together. Our romantic date included spa treatments (!!), lunch at Max Burger in West Hartford, walking hand-in-hand around the Blue Back Square shopping complex, and then dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. It doesn't get much better than that!

I had the Sunday off from playing at the St. Paul's jazz service. As much as I love playing, I really enjoy the weeks when I am not scheduled and can listen to Jen Allen's wonderful piano playing. Rather than feeling distracted by the music and thinking about how I might do it differently, I find myself smiling, singing, and more fully engaged in worship than ever before. Going to church has become something that I truly to forward to each week.

In two weeks time, we will begin yet another experiment at the St. Paul's jazz service. Saxophonist Kris Allen has begun practicing the string bass and I have been working away at the drum set. We will make our debut on these instruments on August 9th. Both Kris and I are really looking forward to it. (Jen and the others: probably not so much.)

The UConn summer jazz camp for high school and middle school students starts tomorrow. I'll be working with Doug Maher, Henry Lugo, and Ben Billelo. Throughout the week I plan to post my observations and thoughts here regarding what we have been sharing with the students, and how they are responding. It should be a great week.

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