Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open Letter To Conservative Christians in the US on Health Care

This evening I stumbled upon Brian McLaren's open letter to conservative Christians in the U.S. on healthcare. McLaren managed to articulate many of the thoughts with which I have been grappling, sparked by mass e-mails and Facebook polls I have received from people within the Christian community. Many of the emotions I felt throughout the U.S. led invasions and during the electoral process have resurfaced during the current health care debate. As McLaren states, it is imperitive that we research the claims being made on the internet and media, rather than blindly believing and (worse yet) perpetuating lies.

I will go a step beyond McLaren, and state that I believe health care should be regarded as a basic human right. (Yes, the Canadian in me still shines through now and then.) As a musician, I have seen many people go through life literally risking everything by not having insurance, because they can't afford it. When I visited places like New Orleans, I couldn't believe the depth of poverty I witnessed, and how many people had obvious, untreated ailments. If we love our fellow man, change simply must occur.

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