Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'll Remember April

"When it rains it pours".  This year's April showers were more like a torrential downpour of frantic activity as I look back over my calendar.  Concerts, debut performances, arranging deadlines, album mixing, teaching, service projects, kids activities --- all wonderful, exciting stuff, but I'm glad to have it behind me.  Although grading, juries and year-end report writing remain, I can now see the end of the tunnel and am starting to breathe easier.

Alto saxophonist and jazz education pioneer, Jackie McLean
Jackie McLean
As an educator, the final UConn Jazz Ensemble performance of the year was a true highlight.  It took place at Black-eyed Sally's in Hartford last Monday night. The evening was billed as College Night, and in addition to the UConn band, WCSU and Hartt (the Jackie McLean Institute) performed half-hour sets. Appropriately, the evening ended with a jam session. It was great seeing the students from these three institutions play together, interact with one another, and begin making the connections they need to make once they're outside of school. I sincerely hope this will be an annual event.

In the spirit of friendship, my group performed Jackie McLean's composition, "Appointment in Ghana", arranged by yours truly, as our final number.  Here it is, as we performed it the week prior at Lu's Cafe on the UConn campus.  Enjoy!

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