Friday, June 14, 2013

Jazz MTV

Who says pop and country music artists are the only ones who can have music videos?! Move over Britney and Shania, there's a new game in town, and it's infinitely hipper.

Here's the NEW music video for my tune, "It Was Whispered".  This song will appear on my forthcoming CD, "Mirror of the Mind", which features Christopher Hoffman (cello), Kris Allen (saxophones), Rogerio Boccato (percussion) and me (piano).  Advanced copies of the recording can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter from now until July 1st.

Many of the pieces on the "Mirror of the Mind" album were written for cross-disciplinary, collaborative presentations with visual artists Deborah Dancy and Ted Efremoff. "It Was Whispered" appeared within the "Beneath the Black Earth" suite (which debuted in 2007). When the music is combined with the video, it still gives me the chills. It has a spooky "other world" quality to it.  To a degree, the music was inspired by Ornette Coleman. I thought a freer, somewhat less structured approach would compliment the jumbled mishmash of twigs in the photographs.

Although avante-garde/free improvisation doesn't intrinsically define our sound, it is one of the many musical facets explored within the Creative Opportunity Workshop (COW).

Please consider supporting this project and spreading the word.  Every bit helps.  Thanks!

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