Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Itinerary

Back in the day when I was out touring with Maynard Ferguson, a daily itinerary was slipped under my hotel room door each morning.  Ed Sargent was a marvelously organized tour manager who made our lives trouble-free.  My only concern during that period of time was making sure I was on the bus punctually; he took care of the rest. I spent my days transcribing, listening to, and thinking about music.  That's it.

This morning I received a slightly different itinerary from my 6-year-old daughter:

If you're having trouble interpreting some of those phonetically spelled words, here's a translation:  
  1. go swimming
  2. go to the (UConn) Dairy Bar. Eat a lot of ice cream.
  3. go have a picnic
  4. watch TV, with popcorn
  5. cuddle
  6. go (out) for dinner
  7. eat junk food
It looks like a plan!

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