Friday, May 28, 2010

Too Many Hats

With the school year behind me, I now have some time for personal reflection and planning. In my evaluation of the past academic year, I have been considering what went right, what went wrong, what to continue, and what to stop doing, as I chart my course for the future.

I recently made the decision to stop teaching private lessons outside of the university. I have taught privately for 20+ years now, and it is time for a change. At this stage in life, I really feel the need to pull back, and limit my focus to family, and my own musical pursuits. I specifically want to devote more time and thought to composition and arranging.

I take great pride in the accomplishments of the many talented, young musicians I taught over the years, on weekends --- Will Bonness, Bryn Roberts, Paul Schrofel, Aaron Nebbia, Jimmy and Alma Macbride, and many others. It was a real treat to see them progress from week to week and eagerly devour the material I shared. It is very gratifying to see them all doing so well.

Fear not! This decision does not mean that my passion for jazz education has waned. In fact, I have been considering ways in which I can share material more effectively, with a wider audience. When time allows, I plan to post the many lesson handouts I have used in lessons, in the Jazz Educational Resources section of my web site.

Stay tuned, as more changes are ahead.

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