Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I always enjoy fresh starts and opportunities to evaluate what's going well, what could be improved upon and where changes need to be made.  I'll be making several significant changes entering into 2012, but the one I'm making public today is bringing this blog out of hibernation.

Writing has always helped me to solidify my thoughts.  I see blogging as a great outlet for self expression.  Plus, I love the potential a blog has to put ideas out into the public for consideration and discussion. 

My wife also has a blog, "The Potter's Hand", where she writes about a wide variety of topics ranging from parenting, her faith, eating well, and running.  She is a truly gifted writer, but has taken some time off from blogging recently.  To get ourselves actively writing in the New Year, we have decided to create a friendly competition between ourselves for the month of January.  We've assigned points to things like the number of posts written, page views, followers, comments, etc.  The prize is a Saturday on our own, sans kids for relaxation and selfish pursuits.

So, please check back often and feel free to weigh in on the discussions.  I'll try to keep it interesting.


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