Friday, April 13, 2012

SoundCloud experiment

This is my first experiment with SoundCloud. I've been looking for a way to post audio files on my blog and am hoping that this is a suitable format.

If it works, the posted music comes from ABOVE THE SURFACE OF THE WATER, a collaborative music and visual arts project by artist Deborah Dancy, videographer Ted Efremoff and myself.  "Convergence Zone" was the opening piece of music in a lengthy suite.  It was presented on Thursday 1/26/2012 in the Classroom Building of the UConn Storrs campus.  I believe I have some video footage of the concert, which I hope to post fairly soon.  It would be nice to show how the music corresponds and interacts with Deborah's beautiful, artistic images.

The band is the Hartford Jazz Society's New Directions Ensemble.  Kris Allen - alto sax, Frank Kozyra - tenor sax, Lauren Sevian - bari sax, Josh Evans and Jeff Holmes - trumpets, Sara Jacovino -  trombone, John Clark - French Horn, Gregg August - string bass, Ben Bilello - drums, and me... Earl MacDonald on Rhodes electric piano.

I counted the tempo off a bit slow and hear some things which will be revised before our next performance, which will likely be on August 13th in Hartford's Bushnell Park, as a part of the Jazz Society's Monday Night Jazz series.

I now have almost enough new material to consider doing an album, and am just starting to think about how and when this might happen.  I'll keep you posted.

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