Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coltrane - Satellite

In my quest to "get inside the head" of John Coltrane (or perhaps more accurately, to get the sound of his lines inside my head), I am continuing to transcribe his solos on tunes incorporating "Giant Steps changes" (A.K.A. Coltrane changes) from October, 1960.  Today I wrote down the first two choruses of Coltrane's solo on "Satellite", his reharmonization of "How High The Moon".   More will follow.

It will be interesting to compare this with 26-2, and But Not For Me from the same time period.  Surely there will be some noticeable similarities and repetition.

Here is a YouTube link, should you wish to follow along:  http://youtu.be/WNCA8fjT_Ws

[To enlarge the music, click on it.]

A Transcription of John Coltrane's "Satellite" solo - chorus 2.

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