Friday, December 7, 2012

Every Ending Is A New Beginning

As the fall semester wraps up, I have been considering what musical project I will undertake in the spring with the UConn Jazz Ensemble.  I have also been giving some thought to how I might change my teaching approach next semester --- but I will expound on that in my next post.

For now, here is a taste from the 1959 "Art Pepper Plus Eleven" album --- Groovin' High.

I plan to prepare all twelve selections from this recording with the UConn Jazz Ensemble next semester.   Almost every tune is commonly played at jam sessions: Move, Groovin' High, Opus De Funk, 'Round Midnight, Four Brothers, Shaw Nuff, Bernie's Tune, Walkin' Shoes, Anthropology, Airegin, Walkin', Donna Lee. 

Because these tunes are perfect vehicles for teaching improvisation, this will be a strong focus in addition to ensemble playing. Plenty of rehearsal time will be devoted to "getting inside" these pieces and learning the changes (harmonies).  It should make for a fun project.

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