Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kenny Kirkland

I am sharing a couple of Kenny Kirkland "Giant Steps" solos today.  Both come from performances with the Kenny Garrett Quartet.  The piano solo starts at 7:34.  The tempo is breakneck. Even though it may be out of necessity, I like how he alternated between linear material and rhythmic ideas from chorus to chorus.

I love the energy this band projects.

This version is at a slightly more manageable tempo.

Somewhere in my archives I have a cassette recording of a Branford Marsalis Quartet studio session where the band, which includes Kirkland, records eight or so back-to-back takes of Giant Steps.  At some point I will have to dig it up and make comparisons with these videos.  It would certainly make for an interesting transcription project.

I don't have much to report on the "practice front", other than I'm making progress.  This is DAY 8 of my 30 day blogging/practicing challenge where I am focusing to improve my skills on Coltrane changes. I think my concentration levels are getting better.  Some of the new patterns are presenting a true challenge for me, but I am determined to get them under my fingers.  I'm enjoying playing "But Not For Me" and "Satellite".

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  1. Wow, would love to hear that tape of BMQ doing those eight takes... please let me know if I could share anything with you in return... I do have some stuff you might enjoy!