Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I didn't get much music written this week, and find myself feeling anxious, agitated and annoyed. Meetings, "pressing" e-mails and work deadlines ate huge chunks of my time.  Squeezing in writing between appointments just isn't working.  Somehow I need to block our more three or four-hour designated time slots in my week to do some focused arranging.

The problem is, when I ignore my e-mail inbox for just one day, there are usually at least 60 new messages waiting for me.  Of these, about 20 will require serious consideration/preparation before reponding.  15 or so will require "urgent responses".  More and more, I am finding it increasingly difficult to "unplug".

Following a day of musical productivity, I inevitably have to spend the following day catching up on what I have "neglected".  E-mail has become the bane of my existence.  

In addition to managing my inbox, I was so over-scheduled this week that I didn't even have time to put anything away.  I would teach a class, drop my books off on my desk (or piano), and then run across campus for a meeting.  My office looks like a refuse site.  This is clearly contributing to my stress levels.  Returning my work space to a productive environment will be my first step towards getting back onto the path of productivity.  Deep breaths.

Perhaps my biggest challenge at this time is not allowing myself to be a grumpy, old bastard.  My wife deserves better.

I generally pride myself in being good with time management, but this week I lost the battle.  Tomorrow represents the beginning of a new week and a fresh start.  I like fresh starts.

~ Earl

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