Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making Headway

Slowly but surely I am making progress in arranging Tyler Hornby's piece "Dig In Buddy", for big band.  Below I have posted a MIDI audio file and the first five pages of the score.

To be honest, usually at this stage in the arranging process I haven't added as much detail within the score as I am presenting today.  Rather, I try to sketch lead lines for a bigger portion of the piece, and fill in the missing elements later.  Because I am presenting my ideas publicly through this blog, I decided to leave less to the imagination.

As you listen to this preview/excerpt, here are the basic elements to listen for:
  • the underpinning vamp played by the trombones and rhythm section
  • the bluesy riff lines played by 2 altos, flute (optional), harmon trumpet and guitar
  • full ensemble "punctuations" at the end of phrases
On the repeat back to rehearsal letter A, I will add additional horns to reinforce the melody and provide some contrasting interest.  The trombones will then join the piano in playing the vamp, after having had their horns off their faces during the first repeat.  I will mark this with the instruction "second time only".

Feel free to ask me any questions about what I have presented here today.  I still view all of the above as a draft, and am trying not to become too attached to my ideas just yet, so as to remain open and subjective.  More will be on the way soon.

You can hear Tyler Hornby's orginal version of "Dig In Buddy" (and follow along with his lead sheet) by clicking on this link to one of my earlier posts.

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