Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cow Tipping

Here is a riff-type blues in C major with an AAB form.  To capture the feel of the Wild West I chose a lazy tempo, with a two-feel in the bass.  I call this one Cow Tippin' in honor of the cloned cows at UConn.  Here's a particularly interesting fact of trivia for you:  Did you know that the spots on a cloned cow don't typically match those of the original cow?


  1. Sammy Nestico's "Hay Burner" also had that down-home, western type of feel every time I heard it.

    1. Hi Tyler. Sorry for the slow response. I agree regarding Hay Burner. But if it had that over-the-top, blatant "clippity-clop" effect in the drums... then it would be exactly what I have in mind here. Hope you're doing well. Let me know if you'll be posting any material from your grad recital. I'd love to hear your latest and greatest.


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