Monday, February 6, 2012

Riff Raff

Here is a simple blues, using 4-measure phrase repetition and a blues scale riff.  Perhaps this isn't my most innovative work, but it certainly falls within the jazz tradition.  I wonder how many thousands of riff-based blues heads have been recorded over the years.  Some of my favorites include "Centerpiece" by Harry "Sweets" Edison, "Pfrancing" by Miles Davis, and "The Blues Walk" by Clifford Brown.  What is your favorite riff-based blues head?


  1. Earl, can you post audio clips of how these would sound that would be great? - Paul

    1. Hi Paul. This is a GREAT idea that I will look into. I have seen audio incorporated into blogspot blogs, so clearly it is possible. If time constraints prevent me from getting to this right away, I'll certainly aim to add audio when I compile the 30 tunes on my web site at the end of the process. Rather than using MIDI approximations of the instruments, I'll round up a group of students for a "reading session".


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