Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bidwell Tavern

The Bidwell Tavern
The Bidwell Tavern in Coventry, CT is by far my favorite local watering hole and wing joint.  Their Buffalo chicken wings are second to none, and the atmosphere is cozy and relaxed, with a historic feel to it. Picture an old wood stove, brick walls, exposed, unfinished beams, planked floors, dimmed lights, etc.

Before we had kids, my wife and I probably visited "the Bidwell" at least once per week for beer, wings and people watching.  We made a fun game of looking around the room and guessing how the various customers made their living.

The Bidwell Tavern's chicken wings are second to none!
The Bidwell's chicken wings are even better
than the Anchor's in Buffalo, NY!
One memorable evening there was a noticeably wide array of people gathered at the bar, representing many different walks of life --- bikers, bagpipers, cross-dressers, professors (in tweed jackets with patched elbows) and even someone wearing a large, red and white striped Dr. Suess hat adorned with buttons.  This visit inspired the writing of "The Bidwell Cronies", a quirky little piece that functions as a theme song and set ender in concerts for C.O.W. (the Creative Opportunity Workshop), and to a lesser degree, my sextet.

Here is a newly created video for your listening & viewing pleasure:

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Thanks for your support, and maybe I'll see you at the Bidwell Tavern.